Many horse owners are daunted at the prospect of box rest or starting a rehabilitation programme after an injury or operation. This is generally due to lack of time, facilities or expertise. Here at Rook Farm we can take away some of that stress by offering professsional care and rehabilitation for horses and ponies of all disciplines from racehorses to shetlands, show jumpers to endurance horses. 


We are highly recommended by vets and follow your vet and physiotherapist programme to ensure your horse has the best possible chance of good recovery. 


Why choose Rook Farm

  • Small professional yard offering unique personal attention
  • On site supervision
  • Sand and fibre large arena
  • Horse walker with rubber surface
  • Equilibrium massager
  • Long gated drive for in hand walking
  • Pens for restricted turnout if necessary, some with a wood chip surface
  • Peat pens for laminitics
  • Well ventilated stables, some with a view or in an american barn
  • Recommended by vets
  • Rehabilitation livery can be convered by some insurance companies
  • A variety of complementary treatments by qualified and insured therapists available

Please look at the barefoot page for information on foot rehabilitation. Often this is a last resort, just when your horse is deemed to be a lost cause, a write off and a loss of use claim. We have several success stories where we have been able to turn the life of a horse around from remedial showing with no improvement to a sound horse with fabulous feet. 

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