Our Paddock Paradise track system, with varying surfaces (including pea gravel), conditions the barefoot horse. Running through woods and steep, rocky land, it also offers flatter areas with wood chip for those needing a softer surface with pea gravel. Recovering laminitics are also accommodated for with comfortable surfaces on which to roam.


Key factors


There are three good factors for keeping a horse barefoot successfully: good barefoot trimming, nutrition, and foot conditioning.


These three factors are covered at Rook Farm.


Foot management team


We have a first class foot management team and are fortunate enough to have Robbie Richardson as our own barefoot trimmer.




This can be daunting if you do not have the support or the expertise. This is where we can help and advise you, be it long or short term.
  • Short or long term livery
  • Track system
  • Qualified nutritionalist on hand
  • We work under the guidance of Robbie Richardson
  • Excellent results with both ponies and horses in transition and rehabilitation
  • Owner on site for peace of mind
  • Complementary therapies
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